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The Bronx Writer Center
is located in 2521 Glebe Avenue.

See the map
Title Author
5 John Rodriguez
5000 Musical Terms Damon Krukowski
50th Anniversary Anthology VV.AA.
A bark without a dog Phill Weber
A Birder’s doze Brendan Galvin
A bronx memoir James McSherry
A different drummer William Melvin Kelley
A drop of patience William Melvin Kelley
A fabricated mexican Rick P. Rivera
A fountain, a house of stone Heberto Padilla
A gathering of hands A. Wanjiku H. Reinolds
A gift mysterious VV.AA.
A Journey Through the magic Garden Scott Klavan
A lesson in Music Translation by Julie Kalendek
A Literary Bi-annual of the whole Art VV.AA.
A proper Burial Paola Corso
A simple progression Larry Moffi
A thief of time Tony Hillerman
A view from the ark Vivienne Thaul Wechter
Aerea in the Forest of Manhattan Emmanuel Hocquard
Aerial VV.AA.
African American Review VV.AA.
Against the evidence David Ignatow
Airwaves William O’Shaunghnessy
Albert Camus – A life Oliver Todd
Alias Grace Margaret Atwood
Alimentum – The literature of Food VV.AA.
All time in the world Robert Peterson
Always Running Luis J. Rodriguez
American Indian Poetry George W.Cronyn
American Poetry VV.AA.
American Poetry – The Twentieth Century VV.AA.
American Poetry – The Twentieth Century VV.AA.
American Prodigal Liam Rector
An unfinished Urban Folktale Brenda Connro-Bey
An Unfinished World VV.AA.
And the Risen Bread Daniel Berrigan
Angels and Others Ken Smith
Ants on the melon Virginia Hamilton Adair
Appearances VV.AA.
Appearances VV.AA.
Archipelago Athur Sze
Art & Writing Awards Alliannce for Young Artists
Art and Nature VV.AA.
Asleep in the garden Stanley Moss
At the gate Martha Rhodes
Atlanta Review VV.AA.
Bad Connection Michael Ledwidge
Bananaheart & other stories Marie Hara
Beastly Tales Vikram Seth
Believe me, I know WritersCorps Youth
Between is the open space VV.AA.
Big men speaking to a little men Philip Fried
Billy Bathgate E.L. Doctorow
Birdsong James P.White
Black shack Allen Joseph Zobel
Blackberry ink Eve Merriam
Blake’s selected poems William Blake
Blank Verse VV.AA.
Blazing Pencils Meredith Sue Willis
Borderslands Russel Banks – Chase Twichell
Born Bronxena Mariposa
Boulevard VV.AA.
Bronx Boy Jerome Charyn
Bruma Wilson Loria Dias
Calendar Year Julie Agoos
Call & Response Forrest Hamer
Callaloo VV.AA.
Calliope VV.AA.
Calyx VV.AA.
Calyx VV.AA.
Cantora Sylvia Lopez-Medina
Cash cow & Artanimal Sander Hicks
Ceremony Leslie Marmon Silko
Changing Community Scott Walker
Chelsea VV.AA.
Chelsea VV.AA.
Chopsticks Joe Smith
Cimarron Review VV.AA.
Circle of Madness Marjorie Agosin
Claves para fantasmas Miriam Ventura
Cleveland Benjamin’s Dead Patsy Sims
Collages & Bricolages VV.AA.
Collected poems James Merrill
Collected writings Olive Moore
Colorado Review VV.AA.
Common Body, Royal Bones Evelyn Shefner
Compost VV.AA.
Conjuncitons – 25th Anniversary VV.AA.
Conjuncitons – Secret lives of children VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 22 – The Novellas Issue VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 24 – Critical Mass VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 29 Tributes VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 30 – Paper Airplane VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 31 – Radical Shadows VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 32 Writers and Artists VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 33 – Crossing Over VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 35 – American Poetry VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 36 – Dark Laugher VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 37 Twentieth Anniversary issue VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 38 – Rejoicing Revoicing VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 39 The new wave fabulisis VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 40 – Forty Works by Forty Writers VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 42 – Writers respond to film VV.AA.
Conjunctions: 46 – Selected Subversions VV.AA.
Contemporary American Poetry about school Maggie Anderson – David Hssler
Contemporary Chinese Art and Literature Culture of China VV.AA.
Cranial Guitar Bob Kaufman
Crash Diet Jill McCorkle
Crazy Horse Larry McMurtry
Crazy horse in stillness Willam Heyen
Creative Nonfiction VV.AA.
Creative Nonfiction VV.AA.
Cronicas de literatura Hablada Juan Gomes Quiroz
Curves on a Sidewalk Street San Francisco Youth Writing
Cusps Chris Stroffolino
Daddy Boy Carol Wolfe Konek
Dancing with my sister Jane Maria Flook
Death of Somoza Claribel Alegria – Darwin Flakoll
Deep Revision Meredith Sue Willis
Descant VV.AA.
Diary Witold Gombrowicz
Directions to my house Robyn Selman
Distance without distance Barabara Einzig
Divesture -E Bruce Andrews
Djbot Baghostus’s Run Nathaniel Mackey
DJUNA Phillip Herring
Dream Makers Neil Waldman
Each One Teach One Ron Casanova
El Camino Facil y Rapido para Hablar Eficazmente Dale Carnegie
En limpio se escribe la vida Daisy Zamora
Entre dos aguas Francisco Alvarez-Koki
Ep;phany VV.AA.
Epoch VV.AA.
Errant Bodies VV.AA.
Errant Bodies VV.AA.
Eternal Light Jason Shinder
Everyone can write Peter Elbow
Everything’s a Verb Debra Marquart
Exercies in Style Raymond Queneau
Eyes of the wind Genny Lim
Face to Face Stundet writing W.Bruce Evans Middle School
Facing it Corinne Robins
Famous American Plays of the 1930’s VV.AA.
Field VV.AA.
Fifteen Poets of the Aztec World Miguel Lèon-Prtilla
Finding Reality in Myth: Travels with Belinda Belinda Subraman
Flavors of the City Writerscorp
Flying Over 96th Street Thomas L.Webber
Folio VV.AA.
Folk-Tales told around the world Richard M. Dorson
For that day only Grace Schulman
Four American Indian Literary Masters VV.AA.
Four Quarters VV.AA.
Four Quarters VV.AA.
From reality to life VV.AA.
From the desert to the book Edmond Jabès
Funeral Pie Stuart Friebert
GAL – A true life Ruthie Bolton
Gardens in the dunes Leslie Marmon Silko
Get off the Titty Robbyne Kaamil
Getting under Way Colette Inez
Girl Hurt E.J. Miller Laino
Glimmer Train Issue 16-40-42-45-46-49-52-61-62-65
Going Gently Robert C.S.Downs
Graffiti Rag – Number Five VV.AA.
Grain Magazine VV.AA.
Guardian Cleopatra Mathis
Gulf Coast VV.AA.
Gulf Coast VV.AA.
Gulf Coast VV.AA.
Hand over heart David Trinidad
Handbook for Writers in Prison PEN Prison Writing Program
Happiness Ann Harleman
Happy Birthday Jesus Ronald Ruiz
Hell, West and Crooked Will Baker
Hemingway Kenneth S. Lynn
High Plains Literary Review VV.AA.
High Plane Literary Review VV.AA.
Historias de Washington heights Franklyn Gutierrez – Daisy Cocco De Filippis
Holy Saturday Ezequiel Martinez Estrada
Homecoming Julia Alvarez
How I learned Gloria Frym
How late it was, how late James Kelman
How the weather was Geoffrey Clark
How to make books with Children Joy Evans, Jo Ellen Moore
I dwel in Possibility Toni McNaron
I have arrived before my words Deborah Pugh – Jeanie Tietjen
I have lived a thousand years Livia Bitton-Jackson
I have tasted the apple Mary Crow
I love you – Oh! You do? Harry Bentivegna Lichtenstein
I never told anybody Kenneth Kock
Icarus VV.AA.
Ice skating at the North Pole Sena Jeter Naslund
Images in a shaded light C.D. Grant
In the ocean of the night Gragory Benford
Interviews and Encounters with Stanley Kunitz Stanley Kunitz
Iwilla Yvonne
Jew Boy Alan Kaufman
Jewish Folktales Pinhas Sadeh
Joe Gould’s Secret Joseph Mitchell
Jo’s Boys Louisa May Alcott
Jump WritersCorps Youth
Jumping out of the bed Robert Bly
Just born Poems VV.AA.
Karaoke Funeral Tania Rochelle
Keeping Time C.D. Grant
Kiss it up God Nadine Mozon
Klingsor’s Last Summer Hermas Hesse
Kneading the blood Maurice Kenny
La sangr quemada Manuel Scorza
Lake Daniel Weissbort
Late July Gretchen Johnsen
Laughing gas Ruth Whitman
Legends from Camp Lawson Fusao Inada
Lent Tim Gaze
Letournau’s Used Car Auto Parts Carolyn Chute
Letter in a Bottle E. Goolsby – G. Campbell
Light in the crevice never seen Haunani-Kay Trask
Lightningbolt Hyemeyohsts Storm
Limbo Dixie Salazar
Line of Fall Miles Wilson
Listening Woman Tony Hillerman
Literature by and about the American Indian Anna Lee Stensland
Little Jinx Abram Tertz
Live with the animals Paul Zimmer
Living by the childre’s cemetery Deborah Bogen
Local Deities Agnes Bushhell
Los cuentos de Mount Hope Tomàs Modesto
Losing Absalom Alexs D. Pate
Lousiana Literature VV.AA.
Love after the riots Juan Felipe Herrera
Luis Llorens Torres Theresa Ortiz de Hadjopoulos
Lust for Lust Lydia Cortès
Macho Camacho’s Beat Luis Rafael Sanchez
Macho! Victor Villasenor
Maidenhome Ding Xiaoqi
Making eyes thru Morning Gary Johnston
Making your own days Kenneth Koch
Mamibaile Keila Cordova & Angie Cruz
Mandorla VV.AA.
Manoa VV.AA.
Manoa VV.AA.
Many Mountains Moving VV.AA.
Mastro Don Gesualdo Giovanni Verga (Translated by D.H.Lawrence)
Maya D.N. Stuefloten
Meadowlands Louise Gluck
Medicinal Purposes VV.AA.
Memories of sweet Grass Adelphena Logan
Men who would be godd Gordon Weaver
Mercy of a rude stream Henry Roth
Midnight turning Gray Peter Matthiessen
Mine: The one that enters the stories Clark Coolidge
Missing in Action and presumed dead Rashidah Ismaili
Mobile Bay Tales Tom Franklin – Barry Nowlin
Morning Out, Morning Up Ralph da Costa Nunez
My Backyard history book David Weitzman
My childhood at the gate of Unrest Paul Goma
My name is William Tell William Stafford
My soul is Air on the Mountain Poets in Public Service
Mythology Edith Hamilton
N.P. Banana Yoshimoto
N\O Ron Silliman
Navigator of the flood Mario Brelich
New Rain VV.AA.
New Rain VV.AA.
New Rain VV.AA.
New Rain VV.AA.
New Rain VV.AA.
New to North America U.S. Immigrants
New Virgina Review VV.AA.
Next of Kin Marianne Langer Zeitlin
Night Soho Andres Rodriguez
Nimrod VV.AA.
Nimrod VV.AA.
No peace at Versailles Nina Barragan
Nobodaddy’s Children Arno Schmidt
None to accompany me Nadine Gordimer
Non-fiction for the class-room Milton Meltzer
North Atlantic Review VV.AA.
Northwest Review VV.AA.
Not balck and white Bronx WritesCorps
Not Sisters Maggie Nelson & Cynthia Nelson
Nothing happened and besides I wasn’t there Mark Wallace
Novels and stories 1932-1937 John Steinbeck
Novels in progress VV.AA.
Now Judith Baumel
Oakwoods Journal Guy Anderson
Objects in the terrifyng tense longing from taking place Leslie Scalapino
Occupied Territory Evelyn Wexler
On being a Teacher Jonathan Kozol
Onthebus VV.AA.
Onthebus VV.AA.
Opus Americanus Gloria Chavez-Vasquez
Orchard Review VV.AA.
Other voices VV.AA.
Outcry from the inferno Jiro Nakano
Outer Life: The poetry of Brendan Galvin Martha Christina
Paint me like I am WritersCorps
Painted Bride Quarterly VV.AA.
Painted Bride Quarterly VV.AA.
Painted Bride Quarterly VV.AA.
Painted Bride Quarterly VV.AA.
Partisan Review VV.AA.
Partisan Review VV.AA.
Passing Duration Stephen Rodefed
Paterson William Carlos Williams
Patrimonies R.V. Cassil
Patterns Federico Mayor
Patterns of descent Richard Foerster
Paul Robenson Phillip Hayes Dean
Pelo Bueno Bonafide Rojas
PEN America VV.AA.
Penny Dreadful VV.AA.
Performing Arts Journal VV.AA.
Perhaps this is a rascue fantasy Heather Fuller
Personal Fiction Writing Meredith Sue Willis
Pilgrims Peter Makuck
Pinceladas y Paisajes Carmen D. Lucca
Pleasure Dome Yusef Komunyakaa
Poemas de las Madres Gabriela Mistral
Poems John Peck
Poems from captured documents Thanh T.Nguyen – Brce Weigl
Poetivities James Wainwright
Poetry Anthology Department of Juvanile Justice
Poetry East VV.AA.
Poetry Everywhere Jack Collom – Sheryl Noethe
Poetry Out Loud VV.AA.
Poetry Slam VV.AA.
Powerless Tim Dlugos
Predatory Bender Matthew Lee
Pushed Back to Strenght Gloria Wade-Gayles
Quarterly West VV.AA.
Radio Tooth Paul Jenkins
Rain and other fiction Maurice Kenny
Raising Irish Walls Brendan Galvin
Ravel Jean Echenoz
Reaching Home VV.AA.
Real Human Beings VV.AA.
Rebellion in the circle of a Lover’s Hands Martin Espada
Reign of the word warriors Benumerata – Ihsan Muhammad
Releasing the imagination Maxine Greene
Representative Works: 1938-1985 Jackson Mac Low
Response VV.AA.
Riddley Walker Russel Hoban
River Oak Review no. 4-7-8-9
Rosebud VV.AA.
Rounding Ballast Key George E. Murphy, Jr.
Rounds Carroll Arnett
Sailing alone around the room Billy Collins
Salt Hill Journal VV.AA.
Salt in his Shoes Deloris Jordan
Same Difference Young Writers on Race
San Josè Studies VV.AA.
Scenario : The Magazine of Screenwriting Art VV.AA.
Scenario : The Magazine of Screenwriting Art VV.AA.
Scene from the movie giant Tino Villanueva
Second Helpings Cecile M. Cohen – Roberta I. Cohen
Secret Lives VV.AA.
Selected Fiction Henry James
Selected poems, storie & memories Diana Der-Hovanessian
Selected poems, stories & memories Creative Writing Competition
Selected Poetry John Hollander
Sewer Balls Steven Schinler
Sex-Charge Perry Brass
Shamp of the City-Solo Jaimy Gordon
Shankpainter 35 VV.AA.
Shattering Air David Biespiel
Siddharta Herman Hesse
Silent close No. 6 Monika Maron
Silent Wing Josè Raùl Bernardo
Simon the pointer Joan Winer Brown
Six Plays Henrik Ibsen
Skin of a fish, bones of a bird Helen Frost
Sleek for the long flight William Matthews
Sleeping on the Wing Kenneth Kock – Kate Farrell
Snow in August Pete Hamill
So what! Kenneth Carrol
Some are Drowing Reginald Shepherd
Some People Danny Hoch
Something’s out there Jacqueline Burks-Shiver
Son of two bloods Vincent L. Mendoza
Song of Heyoehkah Hyemeyohsts Storm
Song of the American Holocaust Bobby Gonzales
Song of the broken string Stephen Watson
Song of the water saints Nelly Rosario
Songs of Innocence VV.AA.
Sorbitos de Cafè en Paisajes Yertos Teonilda Madera
Southern front Alejandro Murguìa
Southern Poetry Review VV.AA.
Spark Young Vision and Voices 2007
Spider-Town Abraham Rodriguez
Spoken Text Alison Knowles
Springing Marie Ponsot
Starting with I Youth Communication
Story VV.AA.
Streams 8 VV.AA.
Street Smarts Devorah Major
Strenght to your Sword Arm Brenda Ueland
Sudden Harbor Richard Foerster
Sycamore Review VV.AA.
Talk Between Leaf and Skin Lee Slonimsky
Talking in tranquility Ted Berrigan
Tapping Through Jacqueline Burks-Shiver
Tarantulas on the Lifebuoy Thomas Lux
TDR – The drama review VV.AA.
Tell me a fairy tale Bill Adler, Jr.
Tell the World Writerscorps
Testimony: Death of a Guatemalan Village Victor Montejo
Thank You for My wishing Dreams I carry in my Head Student writing from Lincoln Middle School
The American Heritage – Spanish Dictionary VV.AA.
The American Voice VV.AA.
The Americas Review VV.AA.
The Animal Way to Love Sena Jeter Naslund
The Antioch Review VV.AA.
The Art of Styling Sentences VV.AA.
The Arts Career guide Deutsche Bank
The Baker’s Dozen George Edward Tait
The beans of Egypt, Maine Carolyn Chute
The beginning of the east Max Yeh
The best I can wish you VV.AA.
The best teen writing of 2004 VV.AA.
The best teen writing of 2006 The scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2006
The Black Swan Jerome Charyn
The broken World Marcus Cafagna
The Chariton Review VV.AA.
The Charterhouse of Parma Stendhal (Translation by Richard Howard)
The Chicago Manual of Style University of Chicago
The circle Dancers Dian Der-Hovanessian
The collected poems Stanley Kunitz
The Dead get by with everything Bill Holm
The death ship B. Traven
The Dog and other stories Joseph Hansen
The End Fanny Howe
The essential Writer’s Companion VV.AA.
The Fast Hannah Weiner
The Flame Gabriele D’Annunzio
The four way reader #1 VV.AA.
The four winds Gerd Brantenberg
The Fourteen Sisters of Emilio Montez O’Brien Oscar Hijuleos
The Geisha House Evelyn Wexler
The Gettysburg Review VV.AA.
The good doctor Susan Onthank Mates
The grammar of fantasy Gianni Rodari
The Grand Concourse Milton Kessler
The greenfield review VV.AA.
The Hudson Review VV.AA.
The Hudson Review VV.AA.
The Hudson Review VV.AA.
The Hudson Review VV.AA.
The Hudson Review VV.AA.
The information Martin Amis
The intelligence of clouds Stanley Moss
The Iowa Review VV.AA.
The Island Michael White
The journal VV.AA.
The Julia set Jean Donnelly
The Landscape is behind the door Pierre Martory
The last known residence of Mickey Acuna Dagoberto Gilb
The last potrait Michelina Buoncore
The Latin Deli Judith Ortiz Cofer
The Literary Review VV.AA.
The Literary Review VV.AA.
The Long White Sharon Dilworth
The love space demands Ntozake Shange
The moon reflected fire Doug Anderson
The Mulching of America Harry Crews
The never-ending Andrew Hudgins
The night of Trees Thomas Williams
The Ohio Review VV.AA.
The pink Rosary Ricardo Means Ybarra
The Pittsburgh book of contemporary American Poetry Ed Ochester – Peter Oresick
The Puerto Rican Indian Wars Bobby Gonzales
The Quilt and other stories Ismat Chughtai
The raggued edge Barrett Shaw
The Read-Aloud Handbook Jim Trelease
The Ripped-Out Seam Rebecca Seiferle
The river serpent Arthur Gregor
The Sea Moss Princess Raves Suheir Hammd
The Sista Hood on the mic E-Fierce
The Starry Night Neil Wldman
The Stone Raft Josè Saramago
The Stories and Recollections of Umberto Saba Umberto Saba
The story in History Margot Fortunato Galt
The sun at night Brooks Haxton
The teachers & writers guide to Fredercik Douglas VV.AA.
The teachers & writers guide to Walt Whitman VV.AA.
The teachers & writers guide to William Carlos Williams VV.AA.
The tension Zone Sarah Gorham
The Tiber Afire Fabio della Seta
The unforgetting Heart VV.AA.
The VioletShyness of their Eyes Barbara J. Scott
The Virginia Quarterly Review VV.AA.
The weights of Numbers Judith Baumel
The whole World catalogue VV.AA.
The Worchester Review VV.AA.
The Year of the Olive Oil
Thee cruise of the PNYX Robert Kelly
They Beat me over the head with a sack Anselm Berrigan
They forged the signature of God Viriato Sencion
Thirst – The desert trilogy Shulamith Hareven
This one for you Louis Reyes Rivera
Tilt Gillian McCain
To Collect the flesh Greg Hewett
To Feel These Things Leonard Michaels
To the Honorable Miss S… Ret Marut
Tornado Alley Philip Paradis
Tornado Pratt Paul Ableman
Toward the Blue Peninsula James Williams
Travels wiith Lizbeth Lars Eighner
Trozas B. Traven
Turnstile VV.AA.
Two Citizens James Wright
Uncle Jed’s Barbershop Margaree Mitchell
Under Observation Amalie Skram
Unmapped Territories Yukiko Tanaka
Unopened Letters Linda Zisquit
Up close & Personal Alice Witt-Smith
Upside down in the dark Carol Potter
Urban Poetry Alfeo Marzi
Veilleur de Lours Pierre Martory
VìAztlan VV.AA.
View from the gazebo Marianne Boruch
Villa Paul Vangelisti
Voices over water D. Nurkse
What It took for me to get here San Francisco WritersCorps
What keeps us here Allison Joseph
When The Animals Leave Peggy Rambach
When they have senses Rosmarie Waldrop
Where the wind lives Linda Hussa
White Bucks and Black Eyed Peas Marcus Mabry
Will my name be shouted out? Stephen O’Connor
William the Wonder-Kid Dennis Silk
Willieworld Maggie Dubris
Wisdom Man Banjo Clarke
Wishes, Lies and Dreams Kenneth Kock
Word from the (415) Writer Corps Anthology
World’s Fair E.L. Doctorow
Woza Afrika! VV.AA.
Write Away! Peter R.Stillman
Writing to infrom Kathleen A. Rogers
Writing to learn William Zinsser
Young Children and the Arts Task Force on Childern’s Learing

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Writers’ Professional Tools

Book Catcher
Book Proposal Writing
Copyright Research
Database of Arts Grants (writing) from MSU
Foundation Center Free Workshop Grantseeking Individuals for the Arts
Grant Writers Institute
Professional Development Planning
Publish Lawyer
Self Publishing
Suggestions about Fake Contests
Writers Bid for Freelance Jobs
Writing Jobs

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New York Organizations

Arts & Business NY
Center for the Book Arts
Foundation Center
National Book Foundation
New York City writing project
New York Public Library
New York State Literary tree
New York Writers Coalition
New York Writers Institute
New York Writers Workshop
The Big Read
The Merc – Mercantile Library Center for fiction
Wave Hill
Writers Conference

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